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Why do we set the goals or the neuroscience of goal settings


At the beginning of each year, we tend to build and define new goals for ourselves. We live in a world of goals. Goals are around us. Walking outside with friends, visiting relatives, or cooking lunch... All these things are goals, which we set up every day and even often bring off. However, we do not think about these usual things like about true goals.

Usually, goals are thing which we wish, but have a difficulty to achieve. Why should we behave so hard?

Goals are driven by dominant motivation, which are subdivided on social and basic needs. Mostly the role of dominant motivation not just to bring the satisfaction, but to avoid the discomfort from the lack of it. We are eating to suppress uncomfortable hunger; we're studying to avoid be rejected from the society.

What kind of goal and dominant motivation draws your customer to come to the pharmacy? Do they want to avoid pain and came to buy an analgesic? Are they scared to look less young and asking antiage cosmetics?

Think about your customers' pain, about their discomfort and fear. Remember, you are not just helping patients to recover. You are helping them to achieve a goal, and this is a strong treatment as well. There is a treatment for the soul.

Yulia Prozherina, Ph.D., MBA, NMSBA memeber

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